Rental Management Systems : Equipment and Service

Preventive Maintenance

Use Alert EasyPro's rental management systems to manage your equipment maintenance, reduce unscheduled down-time and costly repairs and maximize ROI on your entire fleet efficiently.

Feature Highlights:

  • Automated Notification— Maintenance Due Notices are generated automatically at check-in when an item becomes due for scheduled maintenance. A Maintenance Due Report can also be run for a specific timeframe to see what needs to come up.
  • Track Labor, Parts, and Supplies— The Preventive Maintenance System gives you a better picture of your return on investment by tracking labor, parts and supply expenses for each asset.
  • Maintenance Forms/Service Levels— By assigning Maintenance Forms to Service Levels, you can depend on our system to make sure that all scheduled work is completed completed within the recommended maintenance interval.
  • Work Order System Integration— Use with the optional Work Order System for detailed organization, tracking and monitoring of all your repair tasks.
  • Automated Work Order Generation— When using the Work Order System, the optional Work Order Generator enables the system to prompt your staff or create a work order when items with maintenance due are checked-in at the counter automatically.

Maintenance Report

The Maintenance Due Report automatically detects and displays equipment scheduled for Preventive Maintenance. It displays all required service for the maintenance interval whenever you need it. Used with the optional Work Order Generator, work orders are automatically generated, quickly and easily.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by scheduling your rental equipment for routine PM, organizing the process and tracking results easily.

  • Improve rental customer reputation and profitability by minimizing the inconvenience and cost of exchanging broken equipment, or renting out faulty equipment.

  • Improve ROI on entire fleet by preserving asset condition, extending useful life and improving asset value for a higher gain on sale.

Work Order System

Organize, monitor and track the progress of repair tasks for internal and customer-owned equipment. Internal equipment records are updated with all repair costs including parts, labor and shop supplies for a more accurate picture of your fixed asset ROI. Shop reports help you track mechanic productivity and all work-in-progress. A Work Order Invoice clearly outlines the charges and tracks payments.

Feature Highlights:

  • Manage Repairs— Better organize, monitor and track repair tasks for customer equipment, unexpected internal equipment repairs, warranty work, and scheduled preventive maintenance. (Fully integrates with the Optional Preventive Maintenance System.)

  • Down for Maintenance Status— Avoid renting equipment that’s down for maintenance by setting a system default or manually changing the inventory availability status. When a Work Order is closed, the equipment automatically becomes available for rent.

  • ROI and Equipment Life— When a Work Order is closed, the type of work completed, as well as the cost of labor, parts and shop supplies are updated on the item. This historical record provides valuable information for analyzing your return on investment and equipment life.

  • Verify Stolen Equipment— As customer-owned equipment is checked in, the serial number is verified against the Stolen Equipment List.
    Work Order Related Purchases— Track the status of repair-related orders or create a new purchase order through integration with the optional Purchase Order System.

  • Automatic Work Order Generator— Fully automate equipment servicing with the optional Work Order Generator and Preventive Maintenance Systems. Prompt your counter staff or automatically generate a work order when checking in equipment scheduled for preventive maintenance or exchanging equipment on an open contract.

Work Order

The Work Order screen inside Alert's rental management systems displays the customer name, equipment to be repaired, type of work to be completed, warranty information (if needed), order, promised, and completed dates, and costs. Click on a Work Type to display the labor
and parts associated with the task.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Rental management systems control costs and increase profit by organizing, tracking, and monitoring labor and parts usage more efficiently

  • Increase revenue by accurately billing for labor and parts for customer-owned equipment

  • Eliminate costly down-time by better managing the maintenance of your rental fleet

  • Improve your ROI by using maintenance tracking and reporting to make better rental fleet replacement and disposal decisions

Heavy Equipment Reports

Use Alert's rental management systems to maximize your ability to analyze return on investment and utilization of your serialized rental fleet.

The Heavy Equipment Reports are a collection of powerful reports for construction rental businesses who carefully monitor the financial performance of larger assets. The reports combine time utilization concepts with revenue and expense tracking. The result is a 360 degree view of ROI and utilization for serialized assets across any number of rental locations.

Feature Highlights:

  • Daily On Yard Report— Rental management systems provide a bird’s eye view of daily equipment status by rental class, including how many assets are in the yard, on the down-line, or out on rent.

  • Time Utilization by Date— Display the out-on-rent percentage of a particular Rental Class for a specified date range.

  • Rental Revenue Analysis— View detailed revenue and usage statistics for each rental class and for each asset for the preceding 12 months. (See sample report, below.) Sophisticated metrics include average monthly revenue, expenses, yield, and average rental days.

  • Summary of Rental Span— Analyze how well your rental business is competing for long-term rentals by analyzing the span of rental contracts.

  • Days of Week Utilization— Identify the utilization of your equipment by day of the week.

Heavy Equipment

The Rental Revenue Analysis Report can be summarized by rental class or run in detail to show the performance of each serialized asset. It includes both time utilization and revenue-based metrics for the last 12 months across a single matrix.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Maximize equipment utilization

  • Improve return on investment