Alert Version 19 is in General Release

As soon as Alert Version 18 was released, our development team was hard at work on new features for Version 19! With the help of Alert users, whose votes were tallied for what new enhancements to put in Version 19, Alert is pleased to announce the following brilliant rental software updates.


The focus on this year’s development has been input from Alert users. Nearly all of the new features were the product of voting at IAUA (the International Alert User Association) Conference. Some new features were developed specifically for a particular client or group of clients who requested them.

We’ve created an all new module for JOB COSTING. This brand new feature includes a worksheet area on a ticket where the Alert user can calculate the profit/loss for a job. Overhead rates and other items such as labor can be automatically added to the job cost worksheet, or manual overrides for exceptional costs can be included. This new feature was developed from input from Alert’s most profitable clients, and now Alert users have access to this powerful reporting tool!


-          EMV (chip card) credit card processing and Level 3 rates are now available with our partner Approval Code.

-          The CRM interface with Zoho CRM is complete and deployed in several rental operations

-          Alert has partnered with Rouse Analytics in development of an integration. Alert users can now seamlessly upload data to the Rouse Analytics system to learn where they stand in their rental market with quality metrics.

-          SmartEquip has worked with Alert to allow communications back and forth between the two systems. In an Alert Work Order, the correct parts can be seamlessly added, and a Purchase Order opened if the part isn’t in stock.


Enhancements at the Counter: 24 new features, including:

-          Keyword search for customers, which compliments other keyword searches through the system

-          Upgrades to the Attachments system, including the inclusion of subdirectories

-          Added several new reports

-          Enhanced the Delivery/Pickup Board with more colors and flags

Dashboard Enhancements: 17 new features, including:

-          Added a Sales Item tab to the Operator Dashboard

-          Added a Job Costing tab to compliment the new Job Costing module

-          Improvements to the Dispatcher Dashboard include tracking trucks by location, staffing updates, and new visual cues to aid color-blind dispatch staff.

-          Added access to the enhanced Delivery/Pickup Board in the Dispatcher Dashboard

Document Center:

-          The wildly popular Document Center, which was released in Alert v.18, got a few updates, including:

-          A new store parameter to show/hid transfer tickets within Document Center

-          New reports

Other System Enhancements:

-          Back office new features

-          Rental Class File Maintenance new features

-          Fixed Asset File Maintenance enhanced sorting and filtering capabilities

-          Purchase Order Module – 3 new features

-          Customer Import/Export improvements

-          SubRental Module – enhancements to reporting, printing, and handling of generic bulk rental items

Alert Version 19 is available at no charge to any Alert client who maintains an active support agreement. 



Alert EasyPro Version 18 is in General Release

After months of beta testing and a year of development, Alert Management Systems is pleased to announce the general release of Alert EasyPro Version 18.  As always, our current users have contributed to our development – thank you!


The main focus of this year’s annual release is the completely new Document Center.  Document Center is exactly what it sounds like – a center that focuses completely on documents.  Users are able to (via print, fax, or SSL/TLS encrypted e-mail):

-          Send statements with our without invoices

-          Nightly transmission of End-of-Day open invoices and open reservations

-          Batch convert and print reservations

-          Batch print contracts without conversion

-          Send open invoices from customer account


Enhancements at the Counter: 28 new features, including:

-          Changes to the ticket log and exceptions reports

-          Special rate overrides: the special rate for the ticket can be overridden to a different special rate for each rental line item

-          Creation of a new memo database, which allows users to select subject lines and memos from preset values

Work Order Enhancements: 8 new features, including:

-          New filters

-          Added e-mail addresses to the work order customer screen

-          Free-form phone number field was added to the “received by” area

-          Ticket images are saved with each change

Purchase Order Enhancements:

-          The purchase order system was added to the operations dashboard software! Purchase orders are now displayed, and can be sorted/filtered. Tabs available for requisitions, pending approval, approved, reorder report, open POs, closed/canceled POs, receipts and vendors.

-          Added PO item notes

-          Serial numbers are now able to be entered upon receipt

Other System Enhancements:

-          Back office – new features

-          Operator Dashboard – Purchase Orders are now included!

-          General ledger interface enhancements for QuickBooks

-          Sign & Rent now includes a new report

-          Rain days can now be entered on a saved main ticket screen, cycle billing edit screen, or check-in screen.

-          Seven new reports, system-wide

-          Credit Card processing is now available to the Approval Code gateway, as an optional replacement to PAYware Connect.

Alert EasyPro Version 18 is available at no charge to any client who maintains an active support agreement. 




discover paperless rental contracts

Changing to Meet your Needs

Why is Alert EasyPro the Best System for your Rental Business? 


  • Guaranteed by Alert, the ARA Special Service Award Winning Company  
  • Most in-depth management software features, best live support, and best User Group  
  • Large programming staff keeps you up to date with annual updates and the best new technology for the future* 
  • Alert EasyPro is the #1 Event Rental Inventory Software Choice of the Special Event Top 30
  • Alert is a leading supplier to the RER Top 100 and other rental category leaders

                   *Annual updates are FREE with any Alert Support Plan!


This Just in:  Sign and Rent Gets Even Better!

The latest Sign&Rent enhancement allows the signer to process a credit card payment, right from the customer or driver’s smart phone or tablet. The seamless process is quick and easy for an end-user, and results in a secure “MOTO” (Mail Order-Telephone Order) payment in real-time. Since the payment goes through Alert’s secure credit card software, no additional fees apply and there is no extra work.

Sign&Rent (by Volatile Studios, turns any smart phone or tablet display into a full-color, paperless version of the rental contract. The customer and the driver can collaborate, taking photos to show equipment condition, pre-existing damage, or any notes. All the information collected, including signatures, customer initials, and customer comments, become an instant part of the digital contract. A copy of the contract is automatically transmitted via e-mail to the customer and the store to provide a permanent record for easy look-up by either party.  At the rental store, the approved contract is automatically filed in the correct customer and contract record, solving another huge admin problem.

If an authorized signer isn’t available on site at the time of delivery, the rental store can send a link to the authorized signer’s smart phone, regardless of location. Again, it’s a collaboration: The signer and store staff person can review the photos together by phone, to see that the equipment is in place, that the meter or mileage readings agree, or even verify date and time stamps on the photos to gain further confidence that the customer and the store are in full agreement.


Sign and Rent


Alert EasyPro Version 17 Is Now Available

This release was timed to be available for early adopters of the new EMV credit card technology.  V17 is downloadable for free for supported customers. 



  • Rewrote the credit card processing software to maintain existing processing and develop new process for changes in credit card requirements.


Alert EasyPro Version 17 (V17) includes nearly 100 new features that are available free for all Alert customers on an Alert Support Plan.  Many of them were recommended by customers via Alert's unique voting process at its annual User's Conference.  Highlights include:

Dispatcher Dashboard:  8 new features, including... 

  • Additional drag and drop functionality for arbitrary stops, return to warehouse, lunch break
  • Added staff partnering to quickly add partner teams to trucks
  • Added off-rent assets set for pickup to the Pickup Tickets display
  • Added icon to show attachments to tickets on routes

Purchase Order System:  7 new features, including...

  • Purchase Order search screen can now filter by store location. The new options allow the user to filter by store location on the Purchase Order header or filter by store location on the Purchase Order detail.
  • Security setting for vendor file maintenance has been extended to the notes section to control which user can add, change, and delete vendor notes on a purchase order.

Work Order System:  5 new features, including...

  • Added filtering by serialized sales items by location during the parts selection process.

  • Added new warning when work is reflagged from warranty to non-warranty work to review charges.

Sales and Rental Item Handling:  Dozens of new features, too numerous to list...

  • Serialized sales items are much easier to find and manage in multi-store settings and it's easier to select multiple quantities of the same serialized item.  For example, in a reservation, you can simply enter a quantity and defer selection of the items until you are ready to assign them.  When you are ready to deliver or ship, you can assign the right items from a single screen, or assign them right in the warehouse using a bar code reader.   
  • Summarized Printing feature makes a rental contract with multiple quantities of the same serialized rental items short and sweet:  A single line item with the right quantity per rental class, folllowed by a note listing all the serial numbers of the units assigned.  So, a rental contract for 20 light towers doesn't need to go on and on for several pages!  



Alert EasyPro Version 16


Alert EasyPro Version 16 (V16) was built from the ground up. Faster-loading graphical dashboards, more robust kits and hundreds of new features are among the many benefits of improvements that were made to almost all Alert EasyPro screens. Underlying components of Alert (including the programming language) were updated to the latest revisions. The result is a highly stable and even more graphical system, which also provides a fresh platform for future development.

Alert EasyPro V16 includes an amazing number of industry-leading feature enhancements. Here are just a few of the many exciting new online inventory management software features:

  • Nested Kits. Three years in the making, the newly redesigned kit functions now offer a second level of kit components. Other kit enhancements include calculation of kit availability based on the availability of kit components.
  • Operator Dashboard Improvements. A number of improvements have been made to reduce the number of clicks to find relevant information in our rental inventory tracking software, including filtering tickets by salesperson and sorting customers by customer balance. A new report tab results in quicker access to dashboard reports, such as an overbooking projection and tickets that are ready to be invoiced.
  • Eight Purchase Order (PO) Enhancements. Adding customer pop-up notes to Requisitions and POs, Copy PO, ‘View PO’ options from the PO Search Screen, and more.
  • Several Work Order Enhancements. Better notes, improved warranty tracking and better accountability for internal work orders.
  • Cycle Billing Enhancement. Now you can view cycle billing invoices from the ticket log of the original ticket, and cycle bill using the original contract number with a dash followed by a sequence number (i.e., 1234-1, 1234-2, 1234-3) representing each subsequent invoice of the original.
  • Improved AR Statements. Now you can automatically include PDF attachments with e-mailed AR Statements.
  • Improved Pop-Up Notes. There are Customer-specific pop-up notes for Contracts, Work Orders and Purchase Orders.
  • Improved Contract Writing Features. Over two dozen new features to improve and speed up processes, like the improved ‘cut and paste’ feature, the ability to quickly select or de-select all the rental items on a ticket, searching for venues by common name, and many more.


There are many new or improved Advanced Alert Options available including:


  • Dashboard Generator.  Allows creation of your own Excel-based performance models, including graphs, pivot tables, multiple tabs and more, which are updated automatically from multiple Alert reports without ever leaving Excel. The refresh button runs all the Alert reports without cutting and pasting or laborious manual entry.
  • Dispatcher Dashboard. The new version of the colorful ‘virtual white board’ for managing equipment transportation, routes, contracts, maps, trucks, drivers, helpers and more. This rental inventory tracking software uses ‘drag and drop’ technology to dramatically decrease the time necessary to manage your deliveries and pick-ups. V16 has dozens of improved ‘route visualization’ features, using more symbolic icons and colors and a new tab just for pick-ups.
  • GPS Dispatcher Pro. The Alert integration with Sagequest has been updated to Fleetmatics Reveal+ due to the merger of the two GPS companies. (For current customers, new truck-mounted Garmin GPS devices are available at no charge from Fleetmatics, as part of your contract renewal.) Reveal+ has the ability to download routes directly from Alert’s rental inventory tracking software into an automated voice guide and a visual display of navigation using a truck-mounted Garmin GPS screen. A new feature allows the driver to update Dispatcher Dashboard with one click as soon as each stop is completed, so anyone in your store(s) can stay informed and correctly communicate route progress. (Requires V16 and Dispatcher Dashboard.)
  • Sign and Rent. (by Volatile Studios) Finally, you can eliminate paper contracts and delivery documents! Updated for V16, the popular new mobile app provides robust e-signature and paperless contract management via any mobile device or PC on the internet. Includes the ability to enclose pictures, notes, and annotations, such as circles and arrows around pre-existing damage noted during pre-rental inspection. Everything is converted to PDF and filed automatically in the Alert contract log file for quick look-up and comparison upon return. No more ‘Blind Drops’: Now you can get an instant, web-based signature from anywhere, without having to wait for an approver to appear at the job site. Ready to replace old in-store signature pads? CounterSign lets you setup in-store tablets for signing full-color digital contracts, capturing initials on each page and reviewing attachments. Upon completion, an instant e-mail version is sent to the customer’s phone or office automatically.
  • Split Ticket Wizard for Missing Items.  The program splits unreturned items to a new reservation with a grace period for no-charge return. (The new ticket displays replacement costs to better motivate the customer.) Meanwhile, you can invoice the original contract immediately, without fear of losing track of the missing items or failing to bill the customer. Availability tracking moves to the new reservation, so your inventory counts remain accurate in real-time with this intuitive online inventory software feature.
  • Auto PO from the Reorder Report. A new option for the Purchase Order system speeds up the reorder process by automatically generating requisitions based on pre-defined replenishment parameters.
  • Mobile Inventory Manager. Our Award-winning mobile app for using tablets or smart phones to conduct a paperless physical inventory of all your bulk and/or serialized fixed assets in the warehouse or yard. This online inventory software app now includes sales inventory.
  • Mobile Reports. A customizable mobile app for providing real time availability, customer information, and open contracts for your staff or sales people in the field. Works on any mobile device. Now includes the ability to ‘mobilize’ virtually any Alert report for easy access and viewing from your mobile device.  (Does not require an Alert Log-in or user license!) 
  • Group Rental Rates. This feature allows you to assign an individual customer or a group of customers to a ‘Virtual Store’ with special terms and pricing on any or all rental items. More flexible, more efficient, more powerful and easier to manage than customer-specific pricing. (This system can also be used to streamline management of multi-location pricing.)
  • TicketMerge System. Offers a new merge capability to create one contract out of any number of separate tickets. Great for tracking multiple deliveries for large contracts, while simplifying down to as few invoices as needed for billing. Works well with ‘Split Ticket’ feature.
  • GPS Equipment Tracking (AEMP Telematics Standard). Alert’s integration with compatible GPS systems to locate your equipment and collect daily meter readings. Integrates with Alert Preventative Maintenance and Cycle Billing. This rental inventory tracking software update is certified to work with Topcon and ZTR without modification.
  • QuipScan. Rapidly assign quantities of serialized items to ‘generic’ reservations or contracts using a wireless bar code scanner. Also offers multiple item check-in capability via bar code scanner.
  • Dynamic Kit Pricing. Use a percentage discount rule to automatically price kits based on the cumulative price of selected components. Great for creative ‘packaging’ to meet competitive bid objectives without having to disclose the line item price of each component.
  • Automatic Customer Surveys. Now you can send surveys via SMS (Text) or email filtered by recently completed transactions for a date range and by customer type. Why not ask your customers, “How Did We Do?” The email feature is compatible with web-based services like Survey Monkey to set up survey forms and automatically compile results. Great for marketing campaigns of all kinds, such as discount coupons and other promotions.
  • Credit Card Payments through your Web Site. Now you can securely process credit card payments through your website. This feature is available when you obtain our Web Services for Customer Portal System. (Customer Portal allows your professional renters to access their own account to securely track and print invoices, or review account balance and aging, and more.) 
  • Comprehensive Integrated Web Sites.  Alert also provides comprehensive web site development services through its certified partners. Call for more information on how to get a state-of-the-art web site with tight integration to Alert EasyPro.

ALERT EXCLUSIVE:  Operator Dashboard is included FREE with every Alert System... 

Learn more about how the Operator Dashboard can help you in your industry 

  • Intuitive, easy to use work environment 
  • Review and work on any open ticket 
  • Open tickets organized by date range and status 
  • Active hyper links allow you to drill down 
  • Instant access to rental equipment 
  • Rental equipment organized by real-time status (available, out on rent, down for maintenance, etc.) 
  • Write a new contract or PO 
  • Generate an instant work order on a highlighted asset

Features include: 

  • Tree folders with file tabs to keep assets and paperwork organized for quick look-up 
  • Hyper-links display counter documents in one click 
  • Built in "help" uses key word search 
  • Select any date range or use quick radio buttons to view by day, week, or four week period 
  • Multi-store view to quickly toggle between locations or see them all 

HIGHLIGHTED OPTION:  Customer Portal 'plugs in' any Alert rental store's web site... 

A fast loading, password-authorized self-service web site for your rental customers. It allows customers secure access to their own accounts to review and print invoices, make payments via credit card, and more.  The Customer Portal helps you improve customer service, increase productivity and profitability, and improve back office efficiencies. 

Features include: 

  • Unique content for each rental store
  • Optional integrated Shopping Cart so your staff can instantly convert web-based quote requests into orders 
  • Web requests for instant notification and verification of new customer orders 
  • Product prices and rental rates can be displayed on your web site and updated automatically by Alert EasyPro’s online inventory software
  • Developer's toolkit allows your web developer to easily integrate Alert EasyPro with your website