Alert Management Systems IAUA Conference 2019!

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Join Alert users from around the USA, Canada, and Caribbean at the 34th annual International Alert User Association conference November 10-12, 2019!

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Registration begins Sunday, November 10th from 2-4pm, and the conference continues Monday and Tuesday, November 11-12.

The 2019 Conference will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs, which offers our users the entire conference space! This space is completely separated from the rest of the hotel, and our group will be the only ones with access to this area.  Your Alert staff and IAUA board has been hard at work creating the best conference ever - designed just for YOU!

Please note a change in format this year - based on feedback from users last year, we are maximizing your travel time and beginning the conference on Sunday evening! Be sure to plan on being there for dinner and presentation of new features for Alert V.20.


Download the 2019 Agenda       Download the 2019 Class Descriptions 


Great Wolf Lodge Hotel

9494 Federal Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80921

Phone: (844)-553-9653 - ask for code 1911ALER_001. Or click HERE to be taken directly to our room block.


Sunday, November 10, 2019

               2:00-4:00             Registration

               4:00 - 5:00           Welcome/Introduction of Attendees

               5:00 - 5:30           Break

               5:30 - 6:30           Dinner: Alert v.20 Features


Monay, November 11, 2019

               6:00 – 8:00          Registration Continues for late arrivals

               7:00 – 8:00          Breakfast

               8:00 – 10:00        Introduction of Alert Staff and Voting Review

               10:00 - 10:30       Break

               10:30 – 11:30      Classes

               12:00 – 1:30        Lunch & IAUA Business Meeting

               1:30 – 5:30          Classes

               6:00 - 8:00           Dinner: Best Practices


 Tuesday, November 12, 2019

 7:00 – 8:00         Breakfast

 8:00 – 10:30       Advisory Councils            

 -        General

 -        Party

 -        Heavy Equipment

 11:00 - 12:00     Classes

 12:00 - 1:30       Lunch: Peer Advice

 1:30 – 5:30        Classes



IAUA 2019 Class Descriptions

Sign & Rent

Adding Sign and Rent to your rental operation will revolutionize your business. This versatile tool can give you the ability to get signatures from your customer by email. When you have a customer ready to commit to a bid, Sign & Rent will allow them to make a deposit payment or pay in full on-line. When you have an unmanned drop site, your delivery staff can take photos showing that the items are onsite right from a phone or cell-enabled tablet. See what else this dynamic feature can do for you, your customers and your company as you learn about this feature directly from Volatile Studios!

Document Center

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy and efficient way to send out “Care Packages” to customers? The new Alert Document Center is here! This new feature is baseline in Alert versions 18 and up. Document Center allows you to send statements, open tickets and invoices all from one place at one time. You can queue up all the items you need to send out at the same time, and Alert will email/fax and print all in one click of a button. Come and see all the different ways Document Center can help you!

Job Costing

Want to monitor your profit level on large jobs? Our new job costing module can help identify, track, and reduce costs so you can maximize your profit and hit your target goals. Stop by to see if you might be able to use this new feature to become a skilled archer for profit.

Mult-Store Transfer Focus Group

This focus group was formed at the 2018 IAUA conference and we will be discussing the ideas that their group submitted following the meetings that they had this year, along with other broader discussions about how Alert can make managing multiple warehousing locations easier for all markets.

Everything You Wanted to Ask About Credit Cards

Are you anxious to start using EMV? Have you recently started interfacing with Approval Code? Do you have questions on how to handle PCI Compliance or what reports to run when balancing? Come see all the new features and functionality available now with Approval Code, led by Kirk Moore.

Dashboard Overview

Have you been using Alert for 10+ years or are you brand-new to the system? You might not frequently use the dashboards, but we built them to increase your productivity and efficiency and are always making improvements. See your entire business from the top of the totem pole all in one place. Learn how you can drill down to where you want to be with a click of the mouse.

Advanced Tips & Tricks

Back by popular demand! Have you always wanted to know "S'more" abuot all the features you might not be using? After this 4-hour class led by our most seasoned camp counselors, you'll know every trick in the book for navigating Alert when you're on duty. Learn tips and tricks you never thought possible and get the most out of your software.

Rouse Analytics

Rouse Analytics Rental Metrics benchmark Service is a groundbreaking innovation in business intelligence for the equipment rental industry. This powerful reporting tool is the exclusive source for cat-class level comparisons of rental rates and key performance metrics. Companies of all sizes can now compare their performance to peers in their market. Rouse gathers data from participants on a nightly basis and conforms it to the ARA Rental Market Metrics™ standard so that all companies are measured on a level playing field. This enables participating rental companies to drive fleet management and pricing decisions with real market data to improve profitability. See how Rouse’s module can work with your Alert system.

Accounting 101

Whether you are seasoned staff or an accounting CIT (counselor in training), learn all about best practices for Alert accountants. Topics such as AR balancing, reporting, and integrations and best practices will be covered.

Purchase Order Review

Want to get a handle on your purchasing without manual processes and running out of things at the Trading Post? Learn how to set up the purchase order system, write a requisition, send it for approval, receive inventory, and even export to QuickBooks. Learn all about the Purchase Order Dashboard!

Import/Export and Rate Increase

Does the task of updating data make you want to go hide in your bunk? Learn about the powerful data management tools available for Alert in Customer, Rental or Sales. Streamline data entry and updates while reducing errors by using Import/Export. Grab some Bug Juice and your tribe and join us for this valuable presentation.

SmartEquip Interface to Alert

SmartEquip is an Alert software partner, and IAUA sponsor. This class will be presented by the SmartEquip engineers, where they will explain how SmartEquip can increase your efficiency, save you down-time, and increase your profitability. The new baseline interface to Alert for SmartEquip subscribers will create even greater levels of efficiency for your tool store, especially as it interfaces with the Work Order and Purchase Order modules within Alert, automating processes and reducing touch-costs!

Time Box Improvements

IAUA is a unique opportunity to pow-wow and brainstorm new features/functionality and this year is no different! In V20, we expect to make many, many changes to the look and feel of Alert and one of the points that keeps coming up in our discussions with clients throughout the year is that the time box could and should be capturing more information than it has traditionally. So, we want an hour of your time to discuss what that might look like in a future revision! Come prepared with ideas and be ready to grab the talking stick to participate in this lively design session!

Security Management Class

How did those campers get out of their cabin and over to the camp across the lake? Who snuck into the canteen and ate all the candy? If you need help managing staff and the different functions that people are able to perform, this is the class for you. Find out all the different security measures in place to help you control your Alert software.

Zoho/CRM Basics Class

The Tribe has spoken. Alert now integrates with Zoho CRM! You asked for this functionality and now it’s here. Come find out what CRM is, if it will be helpful to you in your sales cycle, and how Zoho integrates Alert.

Customer Web Portal/E-Commerce

Everyone is trying to leverage their website to drive more business and reduce touch costs not only for their clients, but for their already overworked staff! Come learn about how you can integrate your Alert customer database into your website, increasing website activity and productivity by allowing customers to view their invoice and open tickets, and increasing cash-flow by allowing them to pay their invoices 24/7 via their very own web portal! Alert has offered WebRequests for more than 10 years, so the next logical step in this development was e-Commerce (the creation of real-time reservations)!

Kits Class

Was handicraft always your favorite part of camp? In this class, instead of building birdhouses, you will hear about everything you ever wanted to know about building kits. Find out how to add kit parts and related items to your Rental Classes to make ticket writing more efficient and to be sure you haven’t forgotten items. Did you know you can even copy existing kits to speed up the creation of similar kits? We’ll also pow-wow about Nested Kits and Dynamic Kits.

Zoho/CRM Roundtable

Following the Zoho Basics class, come prepared to share feedback, ideas and thoughts about Zoho and the progression of this feature within Alert.

Using Bright Sign to Project Mobile Reports to a TV/Monitor

Alert has become a Bright Sign reseller, and as such, we can provide you the hardware that makes projecting Mobile Reports (via URL) to a large monitor easy and great for our Will Call clients, mechanics, etc. We will show you how to display upcoming will calls, assets scheduled for maintenance, internal repair work orders, etc., to your staff so they can prepare upcoming orders and work on the next thing, and clients when they arrive so they can feel welcomed and expected.
In order to use this hardware, it requires the use of Mobile Reports (an add-on product that allows designated users to see URLs/data directly from Alert without being logged into a client session). This tool is often used by salespeople when they are outside of the brick and mortar building, for project managers at job sites, etc. If you are unsure about whether you have already purchased this feature you can contact


Does doing collections make you feel like you need a visit to the infirmary? In this class we will highlight all of the different options that Alert has to help you with your collections process. From document center to reporting options, we will provide tips on how to make the collections process more efficient and less painful.

Owner Roundtable Party & Tool

Open discussions by topics important to owners. Moderated by a fellow owner. Attendees will be asked to submit topics to the moderator in advance.

Excel Plugin

Do you or your accountant spend time compiling the same set of reports together every day/week/month? Do the reports remind you of the mess hall after the last meal of the day before you get them in order? Learn how the Excel Plug-in can streamline your process and help you with very specific reporting issues that aren’t “canned” in Alert. Excel tricks and tips from a Seasoned Staffer will follow!


Vizion360, a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics company based out of Cleveland, Ohio will demo their dynamic Impact Analytics cloud-based Business Intelligence solution that provides unprecedented visibility and access to their Alert data like never before seen. The Vizion360 reporting platform, featuring Microsoft Power BI, provides up-to-date access to all Alert data, data drill-down and drill-through functionality and allows users the ability to get answers to their business questions quicker and faster. Implementation is quick and easy as Vizion360 connects right into your Alert system to extract and automate the data daily allowing for proactive decision making and better insights into the day-to-day operations. At Vizion360, WE MAKE DATA WORK.

Codes & Setup

Do you sometimes feel like you are drowning trying to navigate through Codes and Setup options? Are you ever not sure where a rate is coming from? Do you sometimes question how a tax rate calculating?  Have you wondered where an email address is defaulting from? Why are your statements going to that printer?  There’s a Code for that! Grab your Buddy and join this session to dive in and find out how changing a simple field in Codes & Setup can change how Alert works for you!

Survey/Text/Alerts & Memos 

Do you ever find yourself wondering what your campers thought of their experience?  Maybe you would like a way to get your Camp Brand out there in new ways.  Alert has features that can help!  The Survey Add-On Module allows you to send out surveys after a job is complete to find out how you did.  You can send a text message or an email with a survey link.  The Memos and HTML baseline feature in V18+ allow you to build a list of Memo Templates that can even be merged with an HTML document that can be Branded with your Camp logo and colors! 

Advanced Accounting (Q&A)

Attendees will be asked to submit topics in advance, then we will compile a list of the most common questions. We will be reaching out prior to the conference to ensure that you get the most of this class and peers!

Work Order and Preventive Maintenance Overview

Are you doing repairs on your equipment that has either been broken internally or damaged by rowdy campers, but not tracking the costs and potential revenue? Have you always wanted to set up preventive maintenance and never got around to it? Need a refresher to see if you’re missing anything?  Have specific questions?  Let us help you get the most out of your Work Order and Preventive Maintenance system!


About Alert Management Systems

Alert Management Systems (Alert, is an award-winning* supplier of Windows certified equipment rental management software. (*Most recently, Alert won the 2012 RER Innovative Product Award for Computer Software.) Along with industry-leading new technology, Alert provides expert support for thousands of end-users who write millions of rental contracts. Alert’s business spans 50 US States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and several other countries. Alert was founded as Interactive Management Systems (IMS) in 1976.

Unsolicited comments from this year’s attendees included: