Alert Management Systems IAUA Conference 2018!

Join Alert EasyPro users from around the USA, Canada, and Caribbean at the 33rd annual International Alert User Association conference November 5-6, 2018!

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Registration begins Sunday, November 4th from 1-6pm, and the conference continues Monday and Tuesday, November 5-6.

The 2018 Conference will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs, which offers our users the entire brand new conference space! This space is completely separated from the rest of the hotel, and our group will be the only ones with access to this area.  Your Alert staff and IAUA board has been hard at work creating the best conference ever - designed just for YOU!


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Great Wolf Lodge Hotel

9494 Federal Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80921

Phone: (844)-553-9653 - ask for code #1810ALER


Sunday, November 4, 2018

1:00-6:00             Registration

Monday, November 5, 2018

               7:00 – 8:00          Registration

               7:00 – 8:00          Breakfast

               8:00 – 9:00          Welcome and Introduction of Attendees

               9:00 – 9:45          Alert Business Review and Introduction of Alert Staff

               10:00 – 10:30     Introduction of New Features

               10:45 – 12:00     Voting Review

               12:00 – 1:30       Lunch & IAUA Business Meeting

               1:30 – 5:30        Classes

                 6:00 – 8:00          Dinner

 Tuesday, November 6, 2018

 7:00 – 8:30          Breakfast

 8:30 – 11:00       Advisory Councils            

 -        General

 -        Party

 -        Heavy Equipment

 11:30-1:00          Lunch

 1:00 – 5:00        Class Sessions


IAUA 2018 Class Descriptions

Codes & Setup

Do you need to change a security setting? Are you ever not sure where a rate is coming from? Do you sometimes question how a tax rate calculating?  Have you wondered where an email address is defaulting from? Why are your statements going to that printer?  There’s a Code for that!  Learn about how changing a simple field in Codes & Setup can change how Alert works for you.

Rouse Interface

Rouse Analytics’ Rental Metrics Benchmark Service is a groundbreaking innovation in business intelligence for the equipment rental industry. This powerful reporting tool is the exclusive source for cat-class level comparisons of rental rates and key performance metrics. Companies of all sizes can now compare their performance to peers in their market. Rouse gathers data from participants on a nightly basis and conforms it to the ARA Rental Market Metrics™ standard so that all companies are measured on a level playing field. This enables participating rental companies to drive fleet management and pricing decisions with real market data to improve profitability. See how Rouse can work with your Alert system.

Roundtable -Should Alert add a Salesperson Dashboard?

Dashboards are growing in both number and popularity within Alert.  There are also existing tools, features and countless custom reports already in place designed to help users track past, current and future jobs/events.  Does it seem worthwhile to combine/expand on this in a new dashboard?  If you want your ideas considered, come join the discussion and aid in the design of this new functionality.

Excel Plugin

Do you or your accountant spend time compiling the same set of reports together every day/week/month? Do you run the same reports over and over on a regular basis? Learn how Dashboard Generator can streamline your process and help you with very specific reporting issues that aren’t “canned” in Alert. Excel tricks and tips from a master will follow!


Do you want to allow your existing customers to write their own orders in Alert through the internet?   Alert’s e-commerce package gives your website the ability to create genuine Bids and Reservations without you getting involved.  

 Sign & Rent

Adding Sign and Rent to your rental operation will revolutionize your business. When a customer calls in to make changes to a ticket, this versatile tool can give you the ability to get signatures from your customer by email. When you have a customer ready to commit to a bid, Sign & Rent will allow them to make a deposit payment or pay in full on-line. When you have an unmanned drop site, your delivery staff can take photos showing that the items are onsite right from a phone or cell-enabled tablet. See what else this dynamic feature can do for you, your customers and your company.

Dispatch Dashboard

If you are not using this amazing dispatching tool, or want to see what features are available, you will want to be in this class. The Dispatcher Dashboard allows you to quickly see what tickets need to be routed and get them assigned to trucks with drivers and crew in an intuitive drag-and-drop format that is simple and fast to use. The Dispatcher Dashboard is being used by the most efficient tool and party stores to streamline their deliveries.

Roundtable – Help Alert Develop New Rate Features

The right rate structure can be the secret to maximizing utilization and profitability.  Do you have an idea for a different way to charge for your rental equipment?  Do you want to provide your insight on other people’s ideas?  Bring your ideas and be prepared to discuss new and different ways to calculate rental charges.

Document Center

The new Alert Document Center is here! This new feature is baseline in Alert versions 18 and up. This feature allows you to send statements, open tickets and invoices all from one place and at one time. You can load up all the items you need to send to your customers, at the same time, and Alert will email/fax and print based on customer preference - all in one click of a button. Want to see what you can you do in the Document Center?  What can’t you do in the Document Center?  And if you are needing to upgrade from an older version of Alert, what can you do to prepare for using the Document Center for the first time?  Find out how a 1 hour class could save your business many hours of extra work.

Job Costing

Want to monitor your profit level on large jobs?  Our new job costing module can help identify, track, and reduce costs so you can maximize your profit.

Version 19 Features

Come see all the new features available in version 19.

Advanced Tips & Tricks

Back by popular demand!  After this 4-hour class, you’ll know every trick in the book for navigating Alert for your business.  Learn tips and tricks you never thought possible and get the most out of your software.

Accounting Best Practices

Is it taking too long to balance your AR or cash? What issues are you currently facing with accounting? Come learn all about best practices for Alert accountants. Become an Alert whiz at AR balancing, reporting, integrations, and collections!

Zoho & CRM Interface

Alert now integrates with Zoho CRM! You asked for this functionality and now it’s here.  Come find out what CRM is, if it will be helpful to you in your sales cycle, and how Zoho integrates Alert.


Get mas qty counts done in no time without the errors or need for recounts.  Come learn about the process, implementation, and how it could save you wasted time and manpower with manual counts.

Roundtable - Subrental Expansion with Multi-Store Transfer

Do you do party/event rental?  Do you source equipment from outside vendors and/or from different store locations to handle overbookings?  If so, maybe you’ve used some of the tools currently available in the system.  Maybe you’ve been disappointed.  Come with ideas ready to share and help shape future development of these crucial features.

Cloud Hosting

The “Cloud” provides end users and applications with a virtual storage architecture that is sizeable according to client requirements. This is a basics class for the rental store manager and owner to help you better understand cloud hosting in everyday language.

  Creating an End-User App for Your Business

Bring your company to the modern age with a smart phone app. This class will answer the questions you may have about creating an app like:

Why your business should have a smart phone application?

How do you develop a smart phone application?

How long will it take?

How much will it cost?

Cost of Doing Business for ARA

We’ll discuss the ARA’s Cost of Doing Business Survey and how your chart of accounts stacks up. We can make it easy for you to provide the data necessary to participate in the industry’s Cost of Doing Business Survey.




About Alert Management Systems

Alert Management Systems (Alert, is an award-winning* supplier of Windows certified equipment rental management software. (*Most recently, Alert won the 2012 RER Innovative Product Award for Computer Software.) Along with industry-leading new technology, Alert provides expert support for thousands of end-users who write millions of rental contracts. Alert’s business spans 50 US States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and several other countries. Alert was founded as Interactive Management Systems (IMS) in 1976.

Unsolicited comments from this year’s attendees included: