Why is Alert the #1 Event Rental Inventory Software System of The Special Event Top 30?

First, Alert EasyPro uses the latest Windows software technology to empower its 39 years of rental market expertise in a scalable, affordable package. Our event rental inventory software is so intuitive and easy to use, yet so powerful and trustworthy, that it has become the gold standard in the event rental industry.

Second, our software for party rentals has the most powerful and instantly accurate (“real-time”) reservations, billing, dispatch and transportation management features. With our event management tools, you can reduce warehouse errors caused by last minute inventory changes, determine the most efficient pick-up and delivery sequence, use routing and load management features, use bar-code contract check-in to minimize inventory turn-around time, over-booking and sub-rentals.

Third, Alert EasyPro’s advanced Counter Intelligence System supports your reservationists with the latest special event management tools, including mobile inventory management, credit card integration, fax and e-mail, work flow and contact management, “Paperless Contracts”, on-site contract signing and photos, integration with Google and Outlook, Customer Portal and Shopping Carts.

Alert Management Systems also offers the best-rated service and support (96% plus Customer Satisfaction, as reported through published monthly surveys).

The International Alert User’s Association (IAUA) is the industry’s largest and only independent user’s group. It has been meeting annually for 30 years to brainstorm and vote on new event/party rental inventory software features, learn from event rental experts and peers (including its Event/Party Rental Advisory Council), and to provide positive direction for Alert management and staff.

Our clients submit nominations for enhancements to our event rental inventory software throughout the year. At the annual IAUA conference they actually vote on which enhancements are most important. The top vote getters become the major part of our programming work load for the year. Best of all, annual revisions with hundreds of enhancements are provided free to all users on a support agreement.

We observe “Best Practices” in all aspects of our business, from providing prompt and courteous service, to empowering our clients to help us continuously improve our event management tools, software, and customer service. We couldn’t run our business effectively for the long-term without giving our clients a “say” in everything we do.

Alert supports mixed model companies as well as event rental specialists of all sizes, all at a price scaled to the size of your business. Request a free demo of our party/event rental software from an expert System Consultant via Web, or request an on-site visit to learn why we are the top inventory software for the party/ event industry.