Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-19-20

You can send information to your customers along with their documents encouraging them to do business with you again. Some ideas are coupons, announcements about your Customer Appreciation Day, change of address forms, and flyers announcing new additions to your inventory.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-12-20

Tax season is a time of year when identity thieves are especially crafty and sophisticated. They will stop at nothing to get your personal information! This is a good time to remember to stay extra vigilant and brush up on your cyber-hygiene practices.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-05-20

Did you know that if you process credit cards through Approval Code, you can set up a filter to not accept prepaid debit/credit cards? Find out why you would want to do this....

Weekly Help Desk Notes 01-29-20

Come and see us at ARA Booth 855 February 10th - 12th 2020! We can't wait to see you in booth 855! Our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions you have and we'll also be announcing dates for regional training.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 01-22-20

Do you ever miss an opportunity to rent something? Perhaps this happens with some frequency in your business, which is why we have a Missed Rentals system built right into Alert so you can track what opportunities you've missed.Use this feature throughout the year and take your shopping list to ARA!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 01-15-20

Do you ever need to make the same sales item taxable for some areas and not taxable for others? For example, perhaps your city charges sales tax on delivery charges but the neighboring city doesn't. How do you manage those exceptions? Easy!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 01-08-20

Ready to rock your New Year Resolutions? We have some great suggestions for you!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 12-31-19

Alert was named a Top 100 Woman-owned company and a Top 200 Private Company by CoBiz Magazine!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 12-24-19

Using Alternate Browsers with Alert.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 12-18-19

The Alert offices will be closed Wednesday December 25 and Wednesday January 1st in observance of Christmas and New Year. Happy Holidays!