Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-25-20

Cycle Billing allows you to bill monthly for long-term rentals in one of two ways: Renewal Bill will invoice in arrears and Advanced Bill will invoice immediately for the upcoming rental month. Both bill either every week or four weeks from the date the equipment goes out on rent until it returns.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-19-20

Alert can be accessed and run remotely over the internet but to keep your business secure, secure access has to be maintained . There are warnings of increased hacking activity now that so much of the world's workforce is transitioning, if only temporarily, to working from home.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-17-20

This week we focus on the different ways to do mass notifications to customers, which could be useful for updates or cancellation policies regarding COVID-19. We understand how the changes across the country will affect you and want to provide helpful approaches on ways to reach your customers.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-11-20

What exactly is E-Commerce? Your clients visit your website and they'll be able to place an ENTIRE order from start to finish. When we developed this feature, we called it "Real Time Reservations", meaning that when a request comes in from the website, it is converted to a reservation in real time

Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-04-20

Did you know that your customers can not only visit your website, but start a quote there? This feature in Alert is called Web Requests, and the next step is E-Commerce.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-26-20

This week's marketing focus is on Automated Customer Surveys. Alert offers a tool for you to measure your customer satisfaction results! You can link to popular survey tools such as Survey Monkey and start enhancing your image ASAP.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-19-20

You can send information to your customers along with their documents encouraging them to do business with you again. Some ideas are coupons, announcements about your Customer Appreciation Day, change of address forms, and flyers announcing new additions to your inventory.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-12-20

Tax season is a time of year when identity thieves are especially crafty and sophisticated. They will stop at nothing to get your personal information! This is a good time to remember to stay extra vigilant and brush up on your cyber-hygiene practices.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-05-20

Did you know that if you process credit cards through Approval Code, you can set up a filter to not accept prepaid debit/credit cards? Find out why you would want to do this....

Weekly Help Desk Notes 01-29-20

Come and see us at ARA Booth 855 February 10th - 12th 2020! We can't wait to see you in booth 855! Our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions you have and we'll also be announcing dates for regional training.