Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-20-19

More #DogsOfAlert! Meet Tent Top from Joronco Rentals (pictured with human Jennifer), and Lyra from Walker Lewis Rents. Let us know if we can send you a #DogsOfAlert bandana for your furry friend at info@alertms.com.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-15-19

As Mary and Kara continually grow and innovate Alert Management Systems, we've decided to drop "EasyPro" from future revisions. With that in mind, we've created a new logo! Let us know what you think in the poll!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-06-19

We're excited to announce that Alert's newest revision is here! Welcome to the world, Version 19! We have a structure in place for how upgrades are managed. First, we'll be reaching out to our Alert on the Cloud clients to run the upgrade.