Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-15-19

As Mary and Kara continually grow and innovate Alert Management Systems, we've decided to drop "EasyPro" from future revisions. With that in mind, we've created a new logo! Let us know what you think in the poll!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-06-19

We're excited to announce that Alert's newest revision is here! Welcome to the world, Version 19! We have a structure in place for how upgrades are managed. First, we'll be reaching out to our Alert on the Cloud clients to run the upgrade.

Alert is Business Management

During winter, many of our clients experience an expected seasonal slowdown in rental business. They use this time to make productive enhancements to their businesses, such as thoroughly cleaning equipment, taking inventory, and other projects. We at Alert have been guiding our clients through a...

Alert and the Rental Show

Alert Management Systems has been a proud Associate Member and supporter of the American Rental Association, as well as local chapters, for decades. From Special Service awards, to the induction of Bill Veneris into the ARA Hall of Fame, our relationship is deep, fruitful, and mutually beneficial.

Alert and SmartEquip Integration

Alert Management Systems is pleased to announce a new integration with SmartEquip. We’re thrilled to offer this integration as a baseline feature to all Alert rental software users! What does that mean to you? When an Alert user upgrades to v.19, this smart new inte...

Welcome Bill Veneris to the ARA Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Bill Veneris! Alert Management Systems was founded in 1976 by visionary entrepreneur Bill Veneris. It is with great pride that Alert announces that Bill was selected by the American Rental Association to be inducted into the ARA Hall of Fame!

Alert EasyPro and Telematics

Kara Longmire, Co-President/CEO of Alert Management Systems, was recently interviewed by Michael Roth of RER Magazine on the topic of telematics. We thought this would make a great subject for a blog post since it seems to be on everyone’s mind lately.

Alert is Supportive!

One question we hear from prospective software owners is regarding support. How long is support included with the purchase of Alert EasyPro rental software? What is included? How frequently can I ask questions? What if I need more training?

Why Should You Attend IAUA?

IAUA, the International Alert Users Association, meets annually. For the past 33 years, the conference has focused on Alert EasyPro users’ wishes for what they want their technology investment to accomplish. Since our users are the most profitable rental operators in the industry, and we value ou...

Alert EasyPro and Scalability

One question that we’re frequently asked when we meet with potential new clients, is if Alert EasyPro is a good fit in terms of number of users and locations. The interesting thing is that both small, start-up 2-user rental businesses ask that question, as well as multi-million dollar, multi-loca...