Weekly Help Desk Notes 09-04-19

Do you want to tell all your customers something? Perhaps you have a new mailing address for bills, or you have a coupon for their next visit! Did you know you can send them a specified document right from Document Center?

Weekly Help Desk Notes 08-28-19

Managers, take note! You can run these Exception Reports to see who's making changes frequently, and why. These reports track changes throughout the system and can be found in the Ticket screen -> Reports -> Exception Report.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 08-21-19

How many times have you charged tax to a customer, and need it to be taken off the ticket? Then you'd have to go through the process of crediting the ticket, copying it, and re-doing it. Did you know that we created a utility to make that process happen with the click of a button?

Weekly Help Desk Notes 08-14-19

Did you know that Alert has a Purchase Order Module?

Weekly Help Desk Notes 08-07-19

New Add-On Feature. Do you offer your customers rain days (days for which they are not being charged rent)? There is an easy way to accumulate these days, even throughout a long-term rental, including a way to add a note to explain why they are being given credit

Weekly Help Desk Notes 07-31-19

Automatic Customer Surveys. Use your own surveys and documents or automatically link to popular services such as Survey Monkey. Surveys can be sent via text or email. If you use the email function, you can also send coupons, thank you letters, or other promotional material!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 07-24-19

Have you ever wondered how you stack up in your general tool or heavy equipment market? Sure you have! Enter Rouse Analytics!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 07-17-19

Mobile Timecard is here!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 06-26-19

Payware Customers - Important Notice...Due to updates from VeriFone, the ipcharge.com/mc websites will no longer work, effective Friday.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 06-19-19

Want an easier way to reconcile to the bank? Have you looked at the Credit Cards run by PAYware Report in Alert?