Weekly Help Desk Notes 06-12-19

Ever start writing a ticket in one location and need to change it to another? We developed an add-on to Alert cleverly monikered Ticket Location Change!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 06-05-19

IAUA Registration Will Be Open Soon! Our staff and the IAUA Board have been hard at work creating the best agenda yet for our annual Alert User Conference! We hope to see you beginning Sunday, November 10th - Tuesday, November 12th at the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 05-22-19

Email addresses for non-cash customers can be updated from the ticket email when saving the ticket. We added the ability to change the rental amount on a credit ticket when an item is sold or hard down.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 05-15-19

Party Specific Features Change delivery/pickup choices. Added notifications. Update venue information to current venue information during ticket copy process.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 05-08-19

Save a ticket without exiting! You can now save a ticket and continue editing without needing to exit the ticket! If you're working on a big ticket, now you can save your progress without leaving the ticket!

Weekly Help Desk Notes 05-01-19

Do you have your list of suggestions handy for what we're going to include on the Voting List for IAUA? Let us know what you'd like to see Alert do! Anyone can suggest a voting item, but only those who attend our annual User Conference in November will vote. (Sunday 10 - Tuesday November 12, 2019.)

Weekly Help Desk Notes 04-24-19

Reservation confirmation is easier than ever. You can now confirm while in the payment processing screen.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 04-17-19

Online signature software system designed for the rental industry.

Weekly Help Desk Notes 04-10-19

Weekly Help Desk Notes 04-03-19

Stay open for business all day, every day! You probably already have a website - make it work harder for you by linking it to Alert. Your customers can browse your inventory and request an order, all on your website.