Alert Automatic Customer Surveys™

Now, you can survey your customers with virtually no expense! Design your own questionnaires or you can link to a popular free service, such as Survey Monkey®*. Our Automatic Customer Survey tool suite is a great way to enhance your image, improve customer service and encourage repeat business.

“How did we do?” Is there a more important question to ask your customers?

Alert Automatic Customer Surveys will encourage your customers to rate your performance as well as respond to promotions or follow-up offers. You can ‘batch’ send surveys daily, weekly, or on any schedule based on selection criteria, such as date range, customer type, or transaction size.

You can use either use e-mail or SMS (text messaging) to send surveys. When you use e-mail, you can attach coupons, thank you letters, and other promotional material timed to follow up a recent transaction.

If you link to a free web-based survey service, such as Survey Monkey, your customers can respond instantly to the email or text message survey, right on their smart phones. Survey Monkey will help you compile the survey responses and provides metrics to help you evaluate your performance.

Go paperless! If you are already sending post cards and follow-up letters or conducting customer satisfaction surveys ‘by hand’, you will appreciate the many saved hours and higher efficiency of this totally integrated solution. At Alert, we conduct a customer support survey every month!

Try our general equipment and tool rental software suite for yourself and create a survey today!


*Survey Monkey® is the owner of its trademark and is not affiliated with Alert Management Systems.