Alert EasyPro Integration with Zoho CRM

Alert EasyPro Version 19 is getting a new integration! Alert Management Systems is thrilled to announce that our integration to Zoho CRM will be available in v.19, which is scheduled for general release later this year.

What is Zoho? What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management has been around for a while, and is a sales pipeline management tool. A salesperson can start the sales cycle within the CRM system by gathering essential data such as names, address, emails, and phone numbers. The salesperson can also make notes about the potential sale, add tasks and ticklers, and much more.  No more losing important information on sticky notes, or managing separate files with paper, email, and mobile devices.  Everything is easily tracked in one central location.

The essential information maintained in the Zoho CRM software solutions system can’t act alone! Now your Alert EasyPro rental software can communicate bi-directionally with Zoho so both systems are completely up-to-date.  “Who was I talking to at XYZ company about a potential rental?” Ask Alert EasyPro or Zoho, and both places will tell you that it was Susie Smith, that you have sent Susie an introduction email, and that you have a reminder to follow up with her next Tuesday.

Why Zoho? Alert Management Systems unique User Group has leveraged their power and voted together for this application. Since many of our users were already using this tool, Alert was eager to write an integration for their business software. After researching Zoho, we were impressed to find that they offer a number of tools our clients might value, and at a reasonable price. Much like Alert EasyPro itself, Zoho software is scalable from a reasonable start-up price, up to an Enterprise edition for larger and more sophisticated clients. 

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