Alert Now Offers Mobile Credit Card Payments via Sign&Rent

This Just in:  Sign and Rent Gets Even Better!

The latest Sign&Rent enhancement allows the signer to process a mobile credit card payment, right from the customer or driver’s smart phone or tablet. The seamless process is quick and easy for an end-user, and results in a secure “MOTO” (Mail Order-Telephone Order) payment in real-time. Since the mobile credit card payment goes through Alert’s secure credit card software, no additional fees apply and there is no extra work.

Sign&Rent web based rental software (by Volatile Studios, turns any smart phone or tablet display into a full-color, paperless version of the rental contract. The customer and the driver can collaborate, taking photos to show equipment condition, pre-existing damage, or any notes. All the information collected, including signatures, customer initials, and customer comments, become an instant part of the digital contract. A copy of the contract is automatically transmitted via e-mail to the customer and the store to provide a permanent record for easy look-up by either party.  At the rental store, the approved contract is automatically filed in the correct customer and contract record, solving another huge admin problem.

If an authorized signer isn’t available on site at the time of delivery, the rental store can send a link to the authorized signer’s smart phone, regardless of location. Again, it’s a collaboration: The signer and store staff person can review the photos together by phone, to see that the equipment is in place, that the meter or mileage readings agree, or even verify date and time stamps on the photos to gain further confidence that the customer and the store are in full agreement.