Software for Managing Rental Inventory


Software for Managing Sales & Rental Inventory Procedures


Use Technology to Update Old Processes


Taking pen to a pad of paper to conduct a storage inventory is painfully tedious, especially when it’s just the first step in the process of inventory control. Having an inventory management app at your hand makes this process more efficient, accurate, and synchronized which is crucial to making your rental business more efficient.

In the rental industry, managing inventory is a necessity for a number of reasons. Paramount is verifying that you’ll have the assets on hand that you plan for and promise to deliver to your valued clients. Additionally, knowing where those assets are in your storage improves the efficiency of your operations. Identifying location and bin can save precious labor. Lastly, being able to determine various losses due to obsoleteness, theft, damage, and loss helps you to most efficiently manage and adjust your inventory to meet the needs of your valued clients.

We all know the need to do it, but inventory is often a pen to paper grind, and transforming the results of time consuming efforts from ink to digital records is not foolproof, especially when multiple team members are collaborating on the asset count.

Fortunately, Alert Management Systems delivers this software technology solution. The Alert Management Systems Mobile Inventory Manager inventory management app makes rental and sales inventory management a snap. Being able to access this rental management app not only allows you to transition from pen and paper to a mobile device – whether that’s a tablet or a mobile phone – but also allows you to synchronize those inventory management efforts among a variety of employees and managers. Most importantly, this rental management app allows you to capture your results directly and wirelessly from your warehouse or storage facility.

Alert Management System’s Mobile Inventory Manager is optimized for wireless Internet access via iPhones, iPads, Android-based phones or tablets, and standard personal computers. In addition to helping maximize warehouse and operational efficiency, our inventory management app will help you to reduce paper use, aid your inventory checks and balances, and manage your assets more profitably.

Please contact a rental management application consultant at Alert Management Systems now in order to request a demo of our mobile inventory software.