General Rental Software | Developer’s Tool Kit

Create a secure, customized online store presence and enhance your customer’s rental experience with our web developer tools. By integrating Alert EasyPro into the existing shopping cart on your website, you will enable your customers to easily check their account information and more.

Utilize the Web Order Processing system to generate new quotes from orders placed through your website. Experience convenient validation of customer, rental and sales items and add new customers instantly. Use the Alert EasyPro Integrated Fax and Email system to rapidly respond to customers requesting a quote.

Summary of Benefits

  • Improved customer service:Provide online ordering and access to customer information while still maintaining a fluid website design.
  • Experience increased profitability and productivity by integrating Alert EasyPro’s equipment reservation software with your website ordering system.
  • Dramatically reduce errors and data entry and improve overall counter efficiency by generating new quotes in Alert EasyPro for orders received via your web site.


Developers Tool Kit (DTK)

Alert provides free resources that will enable your web developer to easily integrate EasyPro with your website.

Universal Web Language

All data will be delivered to your website in a standard web language that will make it simple for your developer to design a compatible interface.

Specifications for complete integration

Access to a secure test server

Including demo data

Inexhaustible troubleshooting

Including programmer level assistance

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