Prevent Data Loss with Secure Data Backups

Alert EasyVault Data Backup Service

Tired of buying and swapping back up tapes, cleaning your tape drive and worrying whether it’s really working? Our new data backup service restores your data and your peace of mind!

Summary of Benefits:

  • The ultimate in secure, automated high-speed back up and restoration
  • Eliminate costly on-site backup
  • Emergency restoration guaranteed by Alert

Some restrictions apply:

Current Alert Help Desk coverage is required.
Alert Management Systems does not guarantee the integrity or accuracy of your data.
Access to a local Windows IT technician to provide network services, hardware, etc. if needed. (This expense is covered by you.)

System Requirements

Reliable high-speed Internet provisioning (DSL or better) is required for Alert EasyVault backup, restoration and Alert support. Adequate disk space is required to install the DS3 software on your server. Only Alert EasyPro and its associated files will be backed up and restored.

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