Manage Physical Rental Inventory via Mobile Device

The New Mobile Inventory Management Solution

Introducing the new mobile inventory software solution that gives you real-time control over your non-serialized rental assets and ultimately boosts your bottom line.

The Mobile Inventory Manager™ is optimized for the iPad, iPhone and any Android-based tablet or smart phone. This online inventory management software will also run on any standard PC.


Monitor your Inventory on the Go 


Give you and your staff the power to continuously monitor inventory counts and provide accurate availability information for reservations and management with this rental management software. Any accounting adjustments will be logged to the authorized clerk or manager, assuring complete security with our rental software.

The Mobile Inventory Manager™: Benefits

  • Reduce human error and save both time and money with paperless processes.
  • Increase your operation’s efficiency with real-time control over all inventory leads.
  • Eradicate costly last-minute shortages.
  • Reduce any ‘inventory shrinkage’ with automated surveillance, asset management checks and balances.