Managing your contracts has never been this easy


Alert Management Systems, in conjunction with Volatile Studios introduces Sign&Rent digital signing software for paperless equipment delivery, signature capture and contract management.

Sign&Rent is the rental industry’s first integrated, web-based ‘paperless’ rental contract management and signing system.

Sign&Rent includes real-time contract signing via a secure website, using a finger, stylus, or mouse to ‘draw’ the signature. The Sign&Rent online contract management system works anywhere with Internet access and on virtually any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Capture signatures at the store’s rental counter, directly on a job site, or in the customer’s back office. With this powerful digital signing software, customers can even sign on their own device from anywhere simply by clicking a URL sent via email.

Because this online contract management system is specifically optimized for documenting equipment delivery, the full-color, multiple paged rental contract can include notes and customer terms of acceptance (initials) for each page. Sign&Rent even makes it easy for the driver to take optional ‘walk-around’ photos of the equipment for the customer and have the images seamlessly integrated into the contract.

Web Based, instant and Intuitive

Although contract execution is immediate and includes forensic evidence such as date/time stamp and IP address, signed /pdf copies are automatically emailed to the customer and stored in the Alert EasyPro normal customer/contract log files for easy look-up, email, and printing wherever needed.

The contract management process is totally online, easy to use, and intuitive and requires no special apps, training, or downloads.

Sign&Rent digital signing software is fully integrated into Alert EasyPro’s Dispatcher Dashboard, providing paperless dispatching and routing, as well as automatic emailing of multiple Sign&Rent contract URL’s and .pdf’s to the delivery driver’s smart phone or tablet.

In addition to online contract management and storage via the secure Sign&Rent server, a program on your rental store’s Alert EasyPro server will automatically collect and correctly file a .pdf copy of each signed contract, eliminating costly, insecure, and inefficient manual processes that could be required by cobbling together non-integrated apps.

Real Time Confirmation

Sign&Rent digital signing software lets your drivers collect signatures via their tablet or smartphone, using a ‘live’ version of the contract on a secure server. The contract can be approved in real-time, without having to wait for email confirmation. The signed .pdf tickets are automatically sorted and stored in the correct customer and contract record in Alert for easy rental management and retrieval.

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