Prevent Data Loss with Secure Data Backups

EasyVault Backup And Restore Service

The importance of data for an equipment rental business cannot be overstated. Corrupt or lost information can be disastrous and have a significant impact on profitability and productivity. Alert's EasyVault’s corporate backup software restores your data as well as your peace of mind!

Summary of Benefits:

  • The cutting edge in automated and secure high-speed restoration and data backup
  • Eliminate expensive on-site backup
  • Alert guarantees emergency restoration

Some restrictions apply:

Current Alert Help Desk coverage is necessary.
Alert Management Systems will not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of your data.
Access to a local Windows IT technician to provide hardware, network services, if needed. (This expense will be covered by you.)

System Requirements

Reliable and consistent high-speed Internet (DSL or higher) is necessary for EasyVault backup, restoration and support. Adequate disk space on your server is necessary for the installation of DS3 software. Only Alert EasyPro and associated files will be restored and backed up.

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