Purchase Order System

Maximize your customer service by giving your staff the power to know precisely what rental and sales items are on order and not just what is in stock. This construction inventory management system enables you to replace the "yellow pad" and finally have complete control over your purchasing costs.

Perfect Your Order Processing System

Collect all vital details of an order in one complete template with the Purchase Order System entry screen. Such details include terms, costs, dates and notes. Easy-to-use menus, scroll bars and active help are just some of the intuitive features of Alert’s Purchase Order System.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Knowing the status of all special orders and restocking will increase productivity and sales
  • Order smarter by accessing detailed purchase history and get a better price
  • Eliminate unnecessary purchases and drive profitability 
  • Detailed reporting will increase efficiency

Advanced Parts and Sales

Could your construction rental company benefit from superior control over your merchandise and equipment sales? Do you want to increase sales at a higher profit margin? If you have answered yes to these questions, then the Advanced Parts and Sales system is a vital component to your sales strategy and construction inventory management system.

Optimize Workflow Management

The Advanced parts and Sales system allows for instant access to the serialized items your customers have purchased, this includes the contract and invoice number. By using the optional Work Order system in the construction inventory management suite, you can create a work order right from the screen.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Sophisticated physical inventory management, floor planning, and discount management enables an increase in profits and sales.
  • Improve after sale service with a detailed record of serialized item transactions.
  • Sales item bar-coding will speed up counter service and increase accuracy.

Sales-to-Rent System

Reduce costs, maximize time management and minimize missed rental opportunities. Replenish your rental fleet and improve availability on a “just in time” basis.

Improve Your Inventory Control 

This equipment inventory system makes time consuming manual accounting entries a thing of the past. Move items from your sales inventory to your rental fleet with just the click of a button (access can be modified and restricted to authorized personnel only).

Summary of Benefits:

  • Increase back office and counter productivity by rapidly transferring sales inventory to your rental fleet without the need for time consuming manual entries.
  • Maximize utilization and ROI by increasing rental fleet replenishment “just in time”
  • Access to accurate reporting throughout the asset lifecycle will improve accountability.