Counter Intelligence Systems

Integrated Credit Card System

Increase credit card transaction efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce costly bank fees and balancing. The Integrated Credit Card System is PCI compliant and utilizes a modern ‘Cloud-based’ design for added security and simplicity!

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The ID Tech VersaKey credit card processing system features an enhanced Windows keyboard combined with a full featured MagStripe card reader. The layout of the keyboard provides separate function keys, cursor keys, control keys, and a complete numerical input keypad. Available in USB or PS2 keyboard interfaces.

The Minimag II is an intelligent and compact programmable reader that is designed for applications where a small yet reliable reader is necessary.

Summary of Benefits

  • Eliminate invasive PCI network security audits as no credit card processing software systems will be installed on your network.
  • Improve your counter productivity, security and accuracy with instant, one-step processing and approval all on one invoice document.
  • Lower the cost of transactions by having the freedom to negotiate the lowest rates with a processor of your choice.
  • Improve book-keeping with instant daily processing reports that are always in balance.
Counter Intelligence Systems

Integrated Fax and Email for Industrial/Special

Reduce your printing, postage and labor costs by emailing or faxing quotes directly from your Alert EasyPro Industrial rental management software. Increase your cash flow by invoicing quotes, reservations and contracts immediately or using sophisticated batch-faxing/emailing tools. 

The “Fax an Invoice” screen generates a full list of open and closed tickets. Select the ticket(s) to be faxed or emailed and the system will prepare an optional cover sheet and fax or email the selected item(s). Right-click on an item to display invoice or contract detail. 

Summary of Benefits:

  • Reduce postage, labor, and printing costs by e-mailing or faxing everything from bids and contracts to statements and invoices. 
  • Increase counter and back office productivity by eliminating the tedious task of printing and/or manually faxing tickets
  • Improve cash flow by sending closed contracts every day and statements twice per month
  • Improve your customer service with instant confirmation to the customer of reservation changes and weekly reservation confirmations.
Counter Intelligence Systems

Signature Capture System

Reduce the time it takes to find and reproduce signed contracts by storing your client’s digital signature directly on the EasyPro contract image.

Customer’s signatures will be stored on the digital contract accessible in the EasyPro customer record.

Topaz SignatureGem 4x5 is a large, durable electronic signature pad and digitized pen. The area is large enough to hold paper contracts and receipts for the client while you retain the digital copy. The pen features interchangeable inking tips and stylus tips.

One Topaz SignatureGem 4x5 pad is required per workstation for the Signature Capture System.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Capture two signatures simultaneously: a physical document and a digital reproduction.
  • Increase your efficiency and improve customer service by locating a signed contract quickly and easily.
  • Improve security and your bottom line by generating signed contracts for proof-of-receipt and verification.
Counter Intelligence Systems

Driver's License Imaging System

Add a new customer to your system instantly and with practically no data entry. Instant validation of critical identification will prevent potential theft or fraud.

Reduce the risk of fraud and loss with the Alert Driver’s License Imaging System, featuring the ID Scan software by ScanShell.

The SnapShell id scanner utilizes infrared and ultraviolet technology to authenticate and validate licenses. The three-megapixel camera captures high-resolution images and uses OCR to capture any data. Benefit from a scanner that captures accurately and requires low maintenance. The SnapShell scanner does not need an external power supply and is powered by USB 2.0.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Use digital identification verification to reduce the potential of fraud or loss.
  • Improve counter intelligence and reduce manual entry errors with minimal data entry.