The Next Big Thing in Rental!

Operational Dashboard

Stop running your business “One Day-at-a-Time.” Get control on any time frame with the operational dashboard! This online rental software provides one-click navigation to all open tickets, equipment availability and maintenance, customer information, counter functions and more. Organized as an infinite rental calendar, you can also choose by week, month or any date range. With this easy to use online rental software, you can even write a new ticket, P.O., or work order on the spot.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use work environment
  • Review and work on any open ticket
  • Open tickets organized by date range and status
  • Active hyper-links allow you to drill down
  • Instant access to rental equipment
  • Rental equipment listed by: equipment on-yard, equipment out-on-rent, down for maintenance and more
  • Write a new contract or P.O.
  • Generate an "instant" work order on a highlighted asset