Integrated Fax and Email for Event/Party

Reduce postage, labor, and printing costs by faxing or emailing quotes, reservations, and contracts right from your Alert EasyPro party rental industry software! Improve your cash flow by invoicing immediately with our easy to use small business CRM system for the rental industry.

Reduce Communication Time

The “Fax an Invoice” screen in our small business CRM system provides a complete list of open and closed tickets in a customer record. Select the ticket(s) to be faxed or emailed using the check-boxes and our party rental software system lets you prepare an optional cover sheet to fax or email them all at once. Right-click on any ticket to display it in complete detail. Includes Bids, Reservations, and Contracts. This party rental software feature is great for managing frequent renters, such as caterers, hotels and event planners.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Reduce postage, labor, and printing costs
  • Increase reservations agent, warehouse and accounting office productivity by eliminating the need to print and/or manually fax tickets
  • Improve cash flow by invoicing instantly and by using fax and e-mail to improve collections efforts
  • Improve customer service by providing instant confirmation of reservation changes and by providing weekly reservation confirmations.

Signature Capture System

Significantly reduce the time it takes to locate and reproduce signed contracts by storing your customer’s digital signature right on the Alert EasyPro contract image.

Customer’s signatures are stored on the electronic version of the contract in the Alert EasyPro customer record.

On the Spot Signing 


The Topaz SignatureGem 4x5 is a durable large-sized electronic signature pad with digitizing pen. The signing area is large enough to accommodate paper forms or receipts for clients while you maintain a paperless electronic copy. The pen features interchangeable inking and stylus tips.

The Signature Capture System requires one Topaz SignatureGem 4x5 signature pad per workstation

Summary of Benefits:

  • Capture dual signatures by enabling your customer to sign a physical document while saving their digital signature
  • Improve operational efficiency and customer service by quickly locating your customer’s signed contract
  • Increase security and your bottom line by producing signed contracts for verification and proof-of-receipt

Driver's License Imaging System

Add a new customer in seconds to your Alert EasyPro CRM system with almost no typing. Instantly validate critical ID elements to prevent fraud and theft.

Reduce fraud and prevent loss with the Alert Driver’s License Imaging System, featuring embedded ID Scan software by ScanShell.

Scan Documents on the Go


The SnapShell camera id scanner uses Ultraviolet and Infrared technologies to authenticate the validity of driver’s licenses. The 3 mega-pixel camera “snaps” high quality digital images and uses OCR to capture data. No moving parts means more accurate scanning, low wear and tear, and low maintenance. The Snapshell id scanner is a small footprint USB 2.0 scanner that does not require an external power supply.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Reduce fraud and prevent loss with digitally saved identification verification
  • Increase counter intelligence by minimizing data entry and eliminating typing errors