Rental Inventory Management Software: Event and Party Rental

Advanced Delivery System

Increase your operating efficiency by adding the Advanced Delivery System to your party rental software suite. Smooth out the entire event rental process — from “Smart Reservations” to warehouse management, dispatch, delivery and check-in. 


Mobile Inventory Tracking Software: Manage Deliveries Real Time 


The Advanced Delivery System within the rental inventory management software system reduces costs and improves revenue. “Smart Reservations” help you avoid critical shortages, controlling temporary labor and trucking expenses. And, in the party rental software suite you can charge more based on Calendar/Delivery Matrix pricing, Change Fees, Reservation Cancellation Fees, Admin Fees, and more.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Improve productivity by managing venue information, truck loading, reservation changes, and reducing re-work or additional trips
  • Reduce cost through more efficient reservation planning and better view of resource availability
  • Increase revenue by increasing the volume you can handle on your peak rental days, and by enabling you to charge for the extra service you provide when your capacity is stretched

Rental Inventory Management Software Feature

Purchase Order System for Event/Party

Improve customer service by enabling your staff to know what sales and rental items are on order, not just what’s in stock. Our party rental software enables you to control purchasing costs and replace the “yellow pad.”


Perfect Your Order Processing System


The Purchase Order entry screen within the rental inventory management software system provides a complete template for collecting all the critical details of an order, including costs, terms, dates, and notes. The party rental software suite features easy-to-use drop-down menus, scroll bars, and active help.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Increase sales and productivity by knowing the status of all restocking and special orders
  • Use the rental inventory management software system to get better prices from vendors by ordering smarter, leveraging detailed purchase history
  • Increase profitability by eliminating unnecessary and wasteful purchases
  • Increase efficiency through detailed reporting

Rental Inventory Management Feature

Event Sub-Rental Management System

At last! A Sub-Rental management system designed exclusively for event rental companies to help manage the high cost of peak demand.

First, avoid overbooking through “Smart Reservations” that help you minimize sub-rental through real-time availability tracking.

Finally, if you must sub-rent, this mobile rental inventory management software feature will help you plan and track purchases and sub-rentals, minimizing “last-minute” expenses. Most importantly: Most importantly: Our party rental software suite will prompt for timely cancellation of expenses that you can avoid!

Optimize Inventory Usage


Sub-rented items, booked in the Event Sub-Rental Management System, are identified in yellow in the Alert EasyPro “Smart Reservations” rental inventory software system.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Minimize missed rentals by identifying and managing overbooking problems in real-time
  • Increase revenue through judicious use of sub-rental and spot purchases to meet demand
  • Improve profitability by identifying opportunities to expand inventory of frequently sub-rented items
  • Reduce expenses by eliminating unnecessary sub-rentals and purchases
  • Rental inventory software is fully integrated with Purchase Order system, so you can require approval in advance and track costs
  • Lets you Sub Rent for anticipated shortages (you don't have to be over-booked to use the feature!)


Rental Inventory Management Software Feature

Quick Check

Improve dispatcher and warehouse staff efficiency, stay on top of shortages and boost your bottom line with Quick Check!

Plan Delivery Routes with Ease


In our rental inventory software system, pull sheets by product area are automatically generated, along with the Expanded Delivery Report for each run. This report can determine the proper delivery and pick-up sequence, routing and load management and includes features for predicting the weight and volume of the load after each stop.

Together with other features for “Pull Period Management,” Alert EasyPro’s rental inventory management software provides a complete solution for efficiently managing the flow of orders from the initial reservation through the delivery, billing, check-in and turn-around process.

Quick Check rental inventory software enables you to quickly scan pickup and delivery documents right from your warehouse workstations. Automatically generates picking lists and exception reports, sets up delivery run boards, and warns if the load exceeds truck weight or volume limits.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Speed up warehouse tasks and reduce labor costs through bar code scanning technology
  • Reduce inventory cost and increase revenue by minimizing shortages and missed billings
  • Reduce transportation costs through more efficient loading, dispatching and delivery